Welcome! Please proceed to filling out the Lake Merritt Rowing Club Membership Renewal Form
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Is any of your current information (name, address, email, phone number) different from that on the membership roster available at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1baJbtcbUg9__JpZK74OYsnbdqKYaVDKhvmUw4G9NcYM/pubhtml#? *

For Family membership:

Please list number of family members, their names and corresponding teams
Other fees

Volunteer Hours Buyout: $20/hr

For members unable to complete 15 hour annual volunteer requirement.
Please provide the number of hours you're paying for and which corresponding membership year (i.e. 5: 2015-2016)
Tax Deductible Donations/Membership Credit

Please send acknowledgement

Boathouse Key

Cost: $10
Total payment *

The total amount due for membership + other dues + boathouse key
Example: Early Registration + Outdoor Storage + Key => $475 + $200 + $10 => $685
I have read a copy of the boathouse rules available at http://lakemerrittrowingclub.org/policies/boathouse-rules/. *

I agree to be responsible for the cost of repairs to any club equipment that is damaged as a result of my negligence. *

I understand that all members are required to spend 15 hours per year to help maintain club equipment or run club events in periodic work parties or projects organized by the Boathouse Manager or Volunteer Coordinator. *

I agree to having my email address added to the LMRC Yahoo group and to the LMRC newsletter in order to receive important communication from the club. *

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